Why WordPress Ecommerce Theme with PayPal is a Good Idea?

WordPress themes are the preferred ecommerce template and it also allows anyone to start selling online. It is a popular forum and user friendly as well since it can be customized in a thousand different ways. You can use templates for websites to earn money by integrating an online payment solution to the online store.

PayPal is the most popular option because it is the oldest online payment solution which is trusted by millions of sellers and buyers. There are many benefits of adding PayPal to your themes for ecommerce website.

PayPal is the Easiest Plugin

If you have zero knowledge of coding and are not comfortable with using developer tools then you can integrate this quickly and without any hassle. It has free tools that allow you to add the buttons shopping carts to the website themes. You can add subscription services and also allow recurring payment.

There is No Need to Acquire a Merchant License

If you want to start selling online and set up a credit card payment system then you have to work with the processing company or bank. The processor has to validate the card payments when the item is being purchased. These processors help prevent fraud and counter-check the credentials. However to work with them you have to apply for an additional license. This requires spending time and resources however with PayPal you can avoid all the hassle and set up a secure payment system and integrate it with your template for website.

The Payment Preferences Can be Specified

When accepting payment through PayPal you can set up preferences for receiving payments in a certain way to avoid fraudulent buyers. You can decide whether or not you want to sell internationally or block payments from certain addresses. This adds a layer of protection and you can be secure from false payments and hoax customers. Additionally you can also deny payments in certain currencies and specify a single currency payments are accepted it.

Add Buttons for Free

Most of the credit card companies charge a monthly fee for adding buttons to the ecommerce templates even if no payments are received. Adding the PayPal button to the website theme costs nothing and you do not have to start selling to pay for it. They charge 30 cents for each purchase plus 2.9 percent of the selling price.